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Just ran across this description of ‘me’ under a link on Good Reads for Mountebank’s Monster:

Tom Graham left school at 14 without qualifications. He is a smoker, and says that writing the Life on Mars novels is the nearest thing he’s had to a regular job since he got banned from driving. He part-owns a greyhound called Arthur and his ambition is to get fruity with Raquel Welch (to be clear about it, that’s Tom’s ambition, not Arthur’s).

This describes a different author with the same name. I wish I had left school at 12, not 14. I’ve never lost my driver’s license but do have a varied job history which appears to have no focus or aim though the bhavanga is consistent and makes sense to me. Incidentally, the Kindle edition is a bit out of date. The version on this website is better.


My story, as told in Mountebank’s Monster, has gained greater acceptance and credibility due to widespread understanding of the mass poisonings of covid followed by toxic covid vaxxes, which also appear to be poisons. Readers who may have wondered if a story like mine could be true, now understand that not only could it be true but it probably has happened millions of times to other children and young adults across the Western world over the last 70 years or more. Rise and kill first the strongest children of your adversary and there will be no one to stop you in a generation or two. Sunzi would probably approve, certainly he would understand. Of course, not only children and young adults are poisoned and maimed by that strategy but they are the core target. Destroy the young, mislead them, maim and harm the best of them, promote the most obedient, the mediocrities who will serve you and provide cover for you in the faceless bureaucracies you establish. This is the world we live in now. Readers of Mountebank’s Monster can look back and reassess Western history differently. In USA alone, some one million doctors obediently fell in line with government dictates and mindlessly killed or allowed to be killed hundreds of thousands of Americans through denial of early treatment while mandating harmful treatments. I take no pleasure in any of this but there is a macabre feeling of shared disgust and foul understanding of how low large numbers of humans can go. Those doctors are the graduates who survived the Mountebank culling of young medical students. In all of USA, only about 500 doctors have spoken out in favor of early treatment and against vax mandates. That right there is your metric for measuring the decline and fall of the West. The strategy is truly diabolical in yet another twist inside it—the same moral and intellectual mediocrities who killed and who have proliferated in virtually all professional fields in the West will not be inclined to understand this paragraph because understanding it cuts to the heart of who they are.


This is interesting: The Franklin Scandal with Nick Bryant & Whitney Webb. It’s a 90 min audio. Just after 1:14 min Peter Citron is mentioned as having an enormous collection of child porn, something I had not known. Citron appears in Mountebank’s Monster and my life when I was nine or ten years old. When I learned of his significant role in the Franklin Scandal, I became aware that Citron was part of a large network of child traffickers and abusers. He went from Scarsdale almost directly to Omaha soon after the abuse case filed against him by my friend’s mother was dropped because my parents did not want me to participate in it. The audio linked above connects the Franklin network with Epstein’s network. Bryant says Franklin was considerably larger than Epstein’s operation though both were involved in blackmail as well as sex trafficking and murder. Bryant also says that in the Catholic Church pedophile cases, only about two percent of the victims who came forward were lying, which he expands to be a general rule. I can relate to that and think it is a reasonable extrapolation. It’s too hard to tell a story of savage abuse and also lie about it. It’s hard to tell the tale and also hard not to tell it because that’s how humans are. I believe it’s a spiritual imperative to tell the tale if you are able. In this the deep threads of spiritual drama appear and show their power and strength. People can lie and pretend all they want, but those threads don’t go away and you can’t fool them.


Scroll down this page to 11/07/20 – “We have a list.” Jennifer, I hope you read this.

Before she was sent home Juliette was threatened by Epstein who told her of another girl who had accused her of rape and ended up in jail because he had planted drugs in her home. Juliette was also warned her family was ‘on a list‘. 

…’I was so broken at that point, I just sort of went along with it,’ she says. ‘I never felt okay again after that, everything just fell to pieces, it’s very, very hard to understand I am still trying to piece it all together.’ 

…’If you just look at how many different women, from different countries, from different years and I think she really wanted to convey how masterful they were at grooming women and girls and how well they did that for such a length of time.’  

‘Epstein fed off the terror of a girl being scared’

There surely were other operators in this scheme but most signs indicate Epstein and Maxwell alone were able to oversee and control most of it. Their work appears to have been dedicated to kompromat. Think of the many other schemes run by people like Epstein but for different purposes: poisoning, murder, maiming. That will give you a picture of the dark insides of American society over the past at least seven decades when my story began so I know it went back that far. The better your imagination, the better you will understand how deeply wounded American society is today.

I bet Jennifer largely knows what her list can lead to. There are a lot of Jennifers out there. It’s a form of asymmetric infiltration and usurpation. Truly, it’s asymmetric warfare but you have to think about for a time before you can see that. How easy it is and how profitable if you have the right soldiers and enough of them. Different egos with different proclivities and perversions play different roles according to how they can best be used.


I believe both Nick Hudson and Gal.G would be on my side.


I left more than one mysterious stranger out of Mountebank’s Monster because including them would bring in another major plot line and make the book too long and hard to follow. For these notes and to preserve my own memory, I want to add one more short exchange I had shortly after leaving New Hampshire. I was speaking with a mysterious stranger not alluded to in the novel and whom I did not recognize at the time as being a mysterious stranger. We were standing to the side of a small group in a house, just getting to know each other. She was older and more mature than me, so I felt respectful and that I needed to listen to her carefully. No one else could hear what we were saying. She asked me some general questions about art and what I thought of some particular works of art. I answered honestly and fully since I liked everything she mentioned and was enjoying talking with her. Then out of the blue she said, “You are surrounded by vampires.” She said it in a strong, certain voice, her eyes still and knowing. I had no idea what she meant or even what she was talking about. I remember slightly shaking my head in disbelief and drawing back from her a little. “No, I’m not,” I said. “Yes, you are,” she said.


Jackie Mason is dead. I saw him perform and briefly described my experience in Mountebank’s Monster:

That night I went with my parents to listen to Jackie Mason do a stand-up routine. I doubt I understood most of his jokes, but I well remember the low, solemn laughter of the audience whose response sounded, to my ears, knowing and reserved.

The second mysterious stranger, the Jewish one, told me it was very bad for me to have seen Jackie Mason that night. “You probably heard a lot of Jewish jokes that weren’t good for you to hear. It made you think you can say things you shouldn’t say.”

There is a longer segment in Mountebank’s Monster that provides more context for the scenes described above. Search for “Grossinger’s Inn” within the text and you will be at the beginning of that segment. Older Jewish readers may even experience some nostalgia in that section while younger ones can glimpse some long-gone history in the Catskills. The second mysterious stranger also told me that many Jews got skin cancer from the tanning beds used in those days at Grossinger’s but none of them sued.


A few paragraphs from a story today. This is big part of what happened me, though to me it was done “unofficially.” I don’t write this blog or post information like this because it’s about me but because it’s what happened and still is happening to USA. Mountebank’s Monster is a true-life allegory of the decline and fall of the West.

The effects were powerful. Some victims killed themselves, others suffered insomnia, panic attacks and nervous breakdowns. One target called what happened to him ‘an assault on the human soul’…

The secret policemen didn’t care whether this happened through disillusionment, fear, burn-out or mental illness. ‘All outcomes were acceptable, and people’s mental health and social standing during or after an operation were of no interest to them.’…

All these soul-destroying activities of the Stasi were frankly hideous and there is every indication that they worked. Many opponents of the regime simply caved in and shut down their activities, worn down and worn out by the relentless pressure on them.

‘The Stasi didn’t try to arrest every dissident,’ writes German historian Hubertus Knabe. ‘It preferred to paralyse them and it could do so because it had access to so much personal information and to so many institutions.’


Here are some of the updated versions of what I experienced. The basic idea is not new.


Here is a photo of the fallen tree I described in entry 05/05/20 below and in Mountebank’s Monster. You can see that part of the tree crashed through the yew hedge. The main trunk of the tree fell onto the driveway, which begins beneath the tree in the left center of the frame. The yellow line is a double solid dividing line in the middle of Circle Road. The photo is quite dark because it was taken at 6:30 in the morning and I have not enhanced it. You can also see the phone and electric cables pulled down and caught under the tree. By the time the tree fell, power was already lost in the area.

I just asked Heidi what kind of tree it was. She said, “Oak… a big huge oak,” which you can see it was. It likely was over 200 years old and might have been related to the oak tree that stood near our front walk, which was up the hill to the right of the picture frame, maybe 25 feet.

I just checked the info on this photo. It was taken on 03/14/2010 at 6:31 AM.


UPDATE 01/23/21: The original link has been taken down and is not available in WH archives. Here are two working links as of today:

Presidential Message on National Stalking Awareness Month, 2021

Presidential Message on National Stalking Awareness Month, 2021

..Stalking is a course of conduct directed at a specific person to instill torment, fear, control, and uncertainty.  Behaviors include unwanted contact, harassing family members or friends, leaving unwanted items, and lurking or appearing at places without invitation and/or a legitimate purpose.  Increasingly, perpetrators are using social media platforms and technology to terrorize their victims.

Having been stalked since grade school and for many decades thereafter, it is good to see this recognition of the problem. Why though do they stick so closely to the word stalking, as if all the perps do is as described above?

How could anyone believe they do only that? The profoundly reduced description of stalking above leaves out the obvious: stalkers stalk to persecute, isolate, and maim victims through physical violence as well as psychological. Their physical methods include many kinds of poison, psychosurgery, sexual abuse, jail bait traps leading to imprisonment, targeted energy weapons, nerve and hearing damage, and anything else you can think of.

I wonder if the presidential description above is covertly meant to actually dim our awareness of stalking by making it seem hands-off and most likely something experienced by paranoid schizophrenics only. If you read up on stalking online, you will find it is common for concern trolls to worry about the mental health of victims, who for obvious reasons have difficulty describing what has been happening to them.


Churches across the US commit to paying millions in racism-linked reparations in bid to ‘reckon with the wrongs and evils of our past’

I wonder if the “most moral people in the world” will do similar in my case. At least a written apology or a plaque commemorating something good about me, something I can pass on to my non-descendants that never happened due to my having been maimed and tortured for decades for no reason.


“We have a list.”

Jennifer, read Mountebank’s Monster to get a handle on where you are going with this, though I bet you already know. For readers of this blog, do a search within Mountebank’s Monster for the word “list” with a space before or after. In my very considerable experience, people with hit lists like Jennifer’s are not good people, to say the least.

Jennifer, not being accepted into “polite” society is but a short step from being maimed and rendered incapable of being accepted into pretty much any society. I do appreciate your use of scare quote around the word polite, though, possibly the most appropriate use of that sign I have ever seen.

Here’s a screen shot for posterity:


Eleven years ago almost to the day. This is a view from the driveway looking toward the sun porch at 15 Circle Road. My mom used to sit on an old wicker couch with her back to those windows. Many of our conversations described in Mountebank’s Monster took place while she sat on the couch and I sat on a chair facing her obliquely. The room was filled with flowering plants. You can see starched linen curtains in the lower parts of two of the windows.

Above the sun porch is a rooftop deck my mom almost never used. Below the sun porch you can see the tops of some windows belonging to an unheated room where garden tools and trash cans were kept. To the left of the house is a beautiful old oak tree that stood just beyond the kitchen windows. If you look closely at the lower left of the picture you can see part of the garage roof. The room we played in as boys was just below that roof.


Only eight years ago


“I was sent to deal with the most negative aspects of the human condition. It was planned destructiveness. First, you’d check to see if you could destroy a man’s marriage. If you could, then that would be enough to put a lot of stress on the individual, to break him down. Then you might start a minor rumor campaign against him. Harass him constantly. Bump his car in traffic. A lot of it is ridiculous, but it may have a cumulative effect.” The theory, according to Gittinger’s personality tests, was that the creation of sufficient stress from destructive personal loss, combined with other programming including the application of psycho-chemical drugs, would either turn an enemy or render him totally neutralised. (CIA Project MK-ULTRA)

I don’t think my tormentors were part of MK-ULTRA, but rather a privately run spinoff from one or more of those programs. Of course, I cannot be sure of this. They may also have been part of an even older group that was instrumental in starting MK-ULTRA. The basic strategy of torturing and controlling people is undoubtedly very old.


If someone tries to warn you about something that you have no knowledge or concept of, it won’t make sense to you. It’s scary, but that is one way evil flourishes in this world. Even when we are warned, even very explicitly, it may not make any sense to us. If you have no concept of the sort of evil a group is doing, it won’t seem possible even if someone you trust tries to tell you. At least that’s my experience. Some readers may be having similar experiences with what I have written in this volume. (from Mountebank’s Monster)


An essay on the Jewish role in American slavery—Hold On, DeSean: Jews Sold Black Slaves in Philadelphia!—reminds me strongly of the sociopathic Arenda system in historical Poland. The Arenda system, in which Jews also played a major role, was tantamount to slavery, no different from slavery.

To me it seems truly self-evident that some of the techniques, certainly the vicious spirit of them, used on me were used to control serfs who lived under the Arenda system. Assaults on me began in grade school, escalated to psychosurgery in junior high school, and then continued for decades after that.

The simplest way for a small group to control a large group is attack their natural leaders while they are still very young. It’s easy for me to imagine arendars poisoning or viciously beating young male serfs to ensure their dominance over them for life. Such violence not only destroys a potential leader, it also destroys his community, which will be greatly affected, gravely disturbed by the damage done.


Nils Melzer, working for the UN, has produced a report on: Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of punishment. An article about this report can be found here. I just found this information and will comment later after I have read more.


On Tuesday the New York Attorney General’s office announced a nearly $19million payout to some of Weinstein’s harassment and sexual abuse accusers.

At least they knew what game they were playing!

Imagine a game much, much worse than nasty play-to-play sex and you don’t even know it’s being played and you are the target. All done clandestinely, many actors, many forms of assault. Was that fun for the perps? Hard to believe until you give it real thought and see the big picture, which includes maiming children.


Covid-19 can be understood as a complex molecule and as such as a kind of poison. Having been poisoned many times myself, it saddens me greatly to know that China’s CCP almost certainly poisoned the whole world. A big part of my mind is filled with Chinese information and memories; now I have to reshape all that to accommodate what had previously seemed to be only an abstract possibility.

Will the CCP release more deadly viruses? A gruesome possibility is they have already vaccinated the most capable one-half of their population against a set of even more lethal “complex molecules” due to be released all over the world when the time is right. As the unvaccinated one-half of China dies along with the rest of the world, the CCP will have plausible deniability.

The CCP practices eugenics and has taught their denizens to think well of the science. Google 优生学 and use the Google translation function on the search results to confirm this for yourself. Killing the least capable half of their people would fit right in with preparing for their glorious future of world domination.

If the rest of the world were all killed or vastly weakened, the CCP would declare a Great Victory over capitalism & the Triumph of the Communist Party. Few would be left to object as a new chapter of world history began. Interestingly, Chinese communism is a sort of reworked Abrahamic messianism imported from the West. 


I first learned the significance to Jews of the word Amalek when I spoke with the third mysterious stranger. This exchange can be found in Chapter Thirty of Mountebank’s Monster:

“Anyone ever say the word amalek to you?”

“Yeah, someone did once.”

“What did he say?”

“He just said, ‘You are amalek.’ I was at a party and he came up to me and just said that. Then he smiled. He leaned toward me when he spoke.”

“That’s them. Do you know what that word means?”

“No idea.”

“It’s the name of a tribe that was destroyed by the Jews in the Bible. They were wiped out and all trace of them obliterated.”

I felt terrified hearing that. Twenty years later in a cabin in California what I had thought was a stray word in Madison, Wisconsin took on terrible meaning, knitting memories and events into a dark pattern with terrible implications.

This morning, I read an essay that goes into depth on the meaning of Amalek:

…Yahweh’s genocidal code of war was applied by King Saul to the Amalekites. Yahweh ordered Saul to kill them all, “man and woman, babe and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and donkey,” and Saul was punished for sparing their king Agag, whom Samuel had to butcher himself (1Samuel 15). In the Jewish mind, such stories are not just half-forgotten tales of the past. Biblical history holds the keys to the present and to the future. Rabbinic exegetes have constantly referred to Israel’s perceived enemies in biblical terms. Amalek, in particular, came to be associated with Rome and, from the fourth century onward, with Christians, or with the Armenians in particular. Amalek is also associated to Iran, because the villain of the Book of Esther, Haman, is said to be a descendant of the Amalekite king Agag. The hanging of Haman and his ten sons and the massacre of 75,000 Persians are often conflated in Jewish tradition with the extermination of the Amalekites and the brutal execution of their king. The Torah reading on the morning of Purim is taken from the account of the battle against the Amalekites, which ends with the conclusion that “Yahweh will be at war with Amalek generation after generation” (Exodus 17:16).[9] “Tradition holds that the Amalekites are the undying enemy of the Jews,” explains Jeffrey Goldberg in a New York Times piece called “Israel’s Fears, Amalek’s Arsenal,” adding: “I recently asked one of his advisers to gauge for me the depth of Mr. Netanyahu’s anxiety about Iran. His answer: ‘Think Amalek.’” (The Devil’s Trick: Unmasking the God of Israel)

Naturally, when I read a paragraph like that, I literally get chills up my spine, in my arms, and legs. It’s revolting to even consider that anyone would think like that, but I know some do.


This is a night shot taken from the driveway behind the house at 15 Circle Road, probably in 2009. The lighted room on the right is the sun porch where my mom spent so much of her time. The dimmer room to the left is the living room. The tree silhouetted by the moon was in the front yard of a famous NYT columnist. The tree was blown down in a huge storm that struck the northeast in, maybe, 2010. One of these days, I’ll check that date; 72 tress came down in Scarsdale during that storm, probably a record.


So many came down because as time passed many of the trees in the “Village in a Park” had become old. And since many were situated in well-fertilized lawns, as this one was, their roots were too shallow to withstand the storm. Scarsdale is sometimes called the “Village in a Park” due to a village policy of encouraging tree growth and retention.

The tree silhouetted by the moon in this photo was huge. It fell across Circle Road and well into our yard, where its top branches crashed to the ground within eight feet of my mom who was reading a magazine in the front corner of the sun porch (see photo) at the time. I heard the tree fall but there was so much noise from wind, I did not know what I had heard. It was also very dark because the whole area had lost power. I did open the front door to look outside, but within the considerable violence of the storm did not see the tree supine across our front yard and driveway.

The famous columnist came over the next day and said he would have the tree removed. A less famous ophthalmologist, who lived nearby and who knew of the tree, stopped me as I was walking with Heidi a few days later. The ophthalmologist and I had been casual friends when we were boys. He was one of a rare number of people whose face I could recognize as an adult. I have significant problems with facial recognition either due to my lazy eye or to Mountebank’s supplemental ministrations performed after correcting the alignment of that eye.

The ophthalmologist asked me about the tree and if the columnist was going to do anything about it. I told him he was. He asked if the columnist had offered to repair the damage done to our driveway by the tree. I said I did not know and it didn’t matter to us. The ophthalmologist clearly had sympathy for me, which I appreciate to this day. My guess is he knew all about what Mountebank had done and was disgusted with her and probably with his community having allowed something like that to happen.

Anyone with good connections to Scarsdale, especially the Scarsdale of the 1960s, should be able to corroborate my story by exploring those connections. Depending on your relationships and which sub-community you know in Scarsdale, you may be able to find even more information than I have. If you do find information or are able to corroborate (or not), feel free to comment on this page or contact me in some other way.

I have been open about my story for several years, and, so far, no one has harmed or threatened me, so I don’t think giving me new information will cause you any trouble. I 100% guarantee I will never reveal any of your personal details to anyone. Knowing others know and at least have some understanding is an enormous relief to me.


Peter Citron, a Scarsdale native and graduate of Scarsdale High School, was a central figure in a very large child sex-trafficking case known as the Franklin Scandal.

See this for an introduction to that scandal: Nick Bryant on the Franklin Scandal, child trafficking, and more. I highly recommend this interview for itself and also as a tangential introduction to my own story, Mountebank’s Monster.

Peter Citron is the only real full name I use in Mountebank’s Monster. He plays a very important part in the story. There used to be a decent page describing Citron’s pathetic and destructive life on Wikipedia, but as Bryant mentions Wikipedia has disappeared a good deal of information on child abuse and molestation, to say nothing of torture, poisoning, and maiming.

I am sure I will have more to say on this blog about Peter Citron. For now, let me just mention that when I first watched Conspiracy of Silence and saw his name mentioned, I was stunned and also felt greatly relieved. So much of what I describe in Mountebank’s Monster suddenly came together in a more coherent way. Conspiracy of Silence is about the Franklin Scandal.

There is no way Citron could have gone from just barely beating a child molestation rap in Scarsdale, New York to quickly becoming a member of the group that perpetrated the Franklin Scandal in Omaha, Nebraska unless Citron was part of an even larger sex-trafficking group.

The rap Citron beat in Scarsdale involved me and one of my friends. My dad, I think reasonably, decided to keep me out of the case, which consequently fell apart.

As Bryant describes, crimes of this sort (and much worse ones) are covered up at local, state, and federal levels when powerful people are involved. Like many, Bryant focuses on the sex-trafficking of children more than the torture, maiming, and murdering of them. To my eye, the torture and maiming are much worse than the sexual abuse.

Adult reputation destruction and psychological isolation are also terrible consequences of falling into a Franklin-style trap as a child. Or a Scarsdale one. The perps can’t let you be because if you retain any sort of credible social circle, you might talk and expose them. So they keep after you for years, even decades.

(If the link above to the film Conspiracy of Silence fails, you should be able to find it elsewhere online. If you want to research Peter Citron, add “Omaha” or “Franklin” after his name. If you search for “Franklin Scandal” on Wikipedia, you will see what Bryant means about disappearing these cases. Be sure to listen to him before you dismiss the Franklin Scandal based on Wikipedia’s brainwashed entry.)


Looking from my mom’s bedroom into the second floor hallway. Heidi took this photo in 2008. Those ukiyo-e prints surely influenced me. They were on that wall as long as I can remember.


02/26/20: Interesting and relevant video

This video is interesting in and of itself. I am posting it especially for the description of gas lighting starting at 35:00. Groups other than or in conjunction with govt can and do do this, that I can tell you. Once an individual is isolated by gas lighting like that, people turn away and estrangement quickly sets in on all sides.

Being the recipient of treatment like that (the horrible stuff aside) can be interesting and have religious significance, as Cain describes. You learn what conscious destruction (by someone else) of social bonds does. You can guess (pretty well, I think) why it is done and by whom. You can also see how many are drawn in unwittingly, following any number of wrong explanations offered by the gas lighters.

The religious aspect of an experience like that to an outsider may look like resignation, fatalism, defeatism. It can be that. But it can also be a deeper understanding of ultimate being which transcends our social self and the relative likes and dislikes of our “floating world.”

02/25/20: So, Harvey gets convicted

The sighs of relief from everyone who already knew all about it but took whatever they could get from Harvey anyway is very similar in kind to the behavior Harvey and his reluctant consorts engaged in.

To me, Harvey is but a minor example of a type which can be much worse. Did Harvey maim or kill? Did he poison anyone? Did he perform psychosurgery or have it performed on anyone? Did he follow anyone around for decades and cause reputational harm whenever he could?

He may have dabbled in gas lighting and backbiting, but I doubt he was a big player in the really bad stuff.

Notice how afraid even very wealthy and powerful people were to say anything about Harvey for so many years. Many of those same people know of much worse today than what Harvey did, but say and do nothing.

In many ways, that makes sense. Life is short. In many other ways, it’s a great transgression to condone and benefit from a community that does so much harm to so many.

02/21/20: Scarsdale makes richest town on East Coast, second richest in USA.

See some good photos of Scarsdale in the article linked below. From them, you can get a feel for Scarsdale’s small downtown, site of several incidents depicted in the infamous novel Mountebank’s Monster and His Mom: a peculiar resurrection.

Above is a photo of the Harwood Building, where both Mountebank and the demented dentist had their offices. Good chance they knew each other and encouraged each other’s foul schemes. The dentist’s old office was in the brick section on the second floor of the building. His window looked down on a small park , which is to the left of the frame and not pictured.

Mountebank’s office was in the same section of the building, but I do not remember which floor or which side of the building. I only saw her there once and spent most of the time alone in a small room while she “consulted” with my mom.

Below is a shot of the Parkway Cafe, which is across the street from where I had the run-in with the dirty cop when the girls were scared away. The barbershop my dad came out of at that time was also on the other side of the street. This photo looks much the way Scarsdale looked back then.

Below is the article. It has some good shots of Scarsdale High School and some of the best homes in town.

I spent a morning in [Scarsdale] the richest town on the East Coast, a scenic village 35 minutes from NYC where the average household income is $417,000. Here’s what it looks like.

Scarsdale, New York, is the richest town on the East Coast and the second-richest in the US, according to Bloomberg.

The average household income is $417,335.

I spent a recent morning in Scarsdale, which is only about 35 minutes by train from New York City and full of charming boutiques and multimillion-dollar estate-like homes.

With its quiet village atmosphere, top-rated schools, immaculate homes, and proximity to New York City, Scarsdale seems like the best of both worlds — if you can afford to live there.